Winners of Holiday Reading Competition Receive Awards

The winners of the 5th Annual Holiday Reading Competition gathered at the Library on Saturday, January 11th to receive their awards from Roger Flood, President of The Friends of Prosper Community Library.

Update: October 26th Pumpkin painting event attracts 70. Read more

The Friends of Prosper Community Library provides services to enhance the library operations and its use by residents and the surronding Communities. We seek to establish educational opportunities for all residents. Among the provided services are:

  • volunteers to support the goals and operation of the Community Library
  • special events and programs to increase library usage
  • fund raising activities to purchase new books and material for the education and enjoyment of all Library patrons, and other purchases to enhance Library operation
  • special learning opportunities for all ages, from preschool reading time to adult book and study groups
  • advocacy for the eventual relocation of the library to a permanent location better-suited to the needs of our growing community
The following video was developed by the Library BOD and presented at the August 27th Town Council meeting.

2012 Activities/Highlights

Holiday Reading Competition winners were given their prizes on 1/7, with at least 19 attendees. Richelle O’Neil joined the BOD.

A February Fitness program was scheduled for 2/25, but did not attract any participants. The short lead time and lack of notification in the schools were identified as the reasons for the lack of response.

March A “Dangerous Party” was held on 3/24, and included a paper airplane flying contest. 10 Participants plus 7 adults.

On Monday, 4/16 Jimmie Gibson led a program keyed to drought conditions plantings. Only 16 attendees, and that included ~6 associated with Jimmie’s company. On 4/21, Susan Marino led a “Treasure Hunt” program, which proved to be the most popular of the Saturday programs to that time.

On Tuesday 5/1, Judy Rucker led a program related to the activities of the Prosper Historical Society. The FOPCL donated $1,000 to the Library to be used for the purchase of new books. On Friday 5/18, the FOPCL sponsored a book signing event at the Gentle Creek Golf Club. Author Bob Smiley autographed his new novel Don’t Mess With Travis. Refreshments were provided and the resultant number of new members provided a valuable return on the program. Net gain = $335.

June to August
No programs scheduled

We welcomed Dianna Weber and Lucy Towle to our BOD replacing Richelle O’Neil who was called to the Town Library BOD. Linda Shaw requested that we take responsibility for either selling the large quantify of surplus books or sell them to Half Price Books, to make space for PISD needs. We moved all the books to a storage unit to house these books until either a book sale or decision to sell them.

Phyllis Hoffschwelle organized a Pumpkin Painting activity on 10/27, and this attracted a total of 72 participants and leaders – by far the most successful program to date, thanks to excellent advertising and notices in the PISD Eagle Express. Sold all but the best books to HPB, and cleared out of the storage unit.

Started Holiday Reading Competition on 11/17, with 25 participants. Lucy Towle accepted a position on the Library BOD. FOPCL member Joann Slaven offered to teach knitting class at the Library on Saturday afternoons before Christmas. This program continues thanks to the enthusiastic response, with 10+ knitters.

Had books for sale at our booth, and raffled off two vouchers for tours of Cowboy Stadium at the Prosper Christmas Festival. Used our new canopy for the first time.

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